Islamophobia - Pierre Vogel [Abu Hamza] at "Let's Talk"

Pierre Salahudin Vogel (Abu Hamza) is the most famous preacher in Germany. However his Dawah workis known in many other countries. Now you can watch his lectures also in the English language orwith English subtitles.

He is renowned for his funny and very logical and conclusive speeches.
He dedicates his life to Islam and fights for the rights of Muslims in Germany.
He is a former professional boxer and born in 1978 near Cologne. In 1999 he received his
university-entrance diploma and started after several amateur fights a career as a professionalboxer in 'cruiserweight' for 'the Sauerland club'. 2001 he accepted Islam and he had his last fight in June 2002.
Since 2004 he is a student at the university Umm Al-Qura in Mecca.
In 2006 he started teaching Islam in mosques, universities in Germany,or in the internet...
Thousands of Germans have converted to Islam through his lectures and seminars...
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